The Straight Pool Hall of Fame

2018  Cisero Murphy NY - Greatest Player

         George SanSouci NY - Unsung Hero

2017  Nick Varner KY - Greatest Player

          Steve Mizerak NJ - Greatest Player

          Mike Eufemia NY - Unsung Hero


2016  Bobby Hunter MI - Greatest Player

          Pete Margo NJ - Greatest Player

          Carl "Cueball Kelly" Zingale - Unsung Hero


2015  Allen Hopkins NJ - Greatest Player

          Danny Barouty NY - Unsung Hero


2014  Jim Rempe PA - Greatest Player

          Frank Stellman WI - Unsung Hero


2013  Oliver Ortmann  GER - Greatest Player

          Gene Nagy NY - Unsung Hero


2012  Danny Diliberto NY - Greatest Player

          Jack Colavita NJ  - Unsung Hero


2011  Ray Martin NJ - Greatest Player

          Jerome Keough - Unsung Hero

14.1 Hall Of Famers Group inductions by decades include:


1912-1920's Alfredo de Oro & Frank Taberski

1920's-Ralph Greenleaf

1930's Jimmy Caras & Erwin Rudolph

1940's Andrew Ponzi & Thomas Hueston

1950's  Willie Mosconi

1960s  Irving Crane & Luther Lassiter & Ed Kelly

World 14.1 Champions

Jerome Keough USA Invents 14.1 in 1911

1912-1913  Alfredo DeOro CUB 

1916-1928 Frank Taberski USA  Won 14x

1919-1937  Ralph Greenleaf USA Won 16x

1927 Thomas Hueston

1927-1941  Erwin Rudolph USA Won 5x

1935-1938  Jimmy Caras USA Won 4x

1940-1943 Andrew Ponzi USA Won 3x

1941-1956 Willie Mosconi USA Won Won 19x

1942-1972 Irving Crane USA Won 6x

1963-1967  Luther Lassiter USA Won 7x

1965 Cisero Murphy - Only Black American Champion

1969  Ed Kelly USA

1971-1978 Ray Martin USA Won 3x   

1973  Lou Butera  USA

1976  Larry Lisciotti  USA

1977  Allen Hopkins  USA

1979-1985 Mike Sigel USA  Won 3x

1980-1986 Nick Varner  USA Won 2x

1982-1983 Steve Mizerak USA  Won 2x

1990 Bobby Hunter  USA

2006 Dragon Promotions Revives The World Tournament

2006 Thorsten Hohmann GER  First European to Win

2007 Oliver Ortmann GER 

2008 Niels Feijen NED First Dutch Winner

2009 Stefan Cohen FRA First French Winner

2010 Oliver Ortmann GER  2nd Win

2011 Thorsten Hohmann GER 2nd Win

2012  John Schmidt USA First American winner in 21 years

2013 Thorsten Hohmann GER  3rd Win 

2014 Darren Appleton ENG First British Winner

2015 Thorsten Hohmann GER 4th Win

2016 Mika Immonen FIN First Finnish Winner

2017 Lee Van Corteza  PHL 1st Asian Winner

2018 Thorsten Hohmann GER 5th Win *3rd All-Time

List of All-Time Greatest World Tournament of 14.1 Champions

1.Ralph Greenleaf (USA) - Won 10 Times
2.Willie Mosconi (USA) - Won 7 Times
3.Irving Crane (USA) - Won 5 Times
4.Luther Lassiter (USA)- Won 4 Times
4.Thorsten Hohmann (GER)- Won 4 Times
5. Mike Sigel (USA)- Won 3 Times
5. Ray Martin (USA)- Won 3 Times