Day 3 TV Stream Match schedule


11am Van Boening(USA) vs Torres(USA)
1230pm John Schmidt(USA) vs Barriento(Puerto Rico)
2pm Immonen(Finland) vs H. Chin(USA) 
7pm 14.1 Hall of Fame Banquet

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Day 2 TV Stream Match schedule


Day 2 The TV Stream Schedule:
11am Olli Turkulainen(Finland) vs E. Rodriguez(Puerto Rico) 
1230pm J. Schmidt(USA) vs P.Makkonen(Finland)
2pm J.Archer(USA) vs W. Kiamco(Philippines)
4pm Van Boening(USA) vs E. Herring(USA)
530pm M.Immonen(Finland) vs J. Durr(USA)
7pm R.Chen(Jamaica) vs O.Turkulainen(Finland)
830pm T.Hohmann(Germany) vs R.McCreesh(USA) 

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Official Table: Connelly Pool Tables by Valley-Dynamo
Official Balls: Aramith
Official Cloth: Z9 BilliardCloth

World 14.1 Champions are Immortal

Day 1 TV Stream Match schedule


1100am  Shane Van Boening USA vs AUS Ben Judge  

1230pm  John Schmidt USA vs USA Mike Badstuebner

2pm   Warren Kiamco PHL vs USA Sean Morgan

4pm  Johnny Archer USA vs USA Elliott Einsenberg

530pm Mika Immonen FIN vs USA Tony Robles

7pm   Earl Herring USA vs USA Brian Davis 

830pm Thorsten Hohmann GER vs FIN Olli Turkulainen

2018 the World Tournament Schedule

World 14 1 2018 Schedule-1.png
2017 - TV Day 6,7 Oct 7,8

Day 6 TV Stream Schedule :
Quarterfinals 200 pt matches:
11:00am IMMONEN 🇫🇮 vs 🇩🇪 HOHMANN 
1:30pm EBERLE 🇺🇸 vs 🇵🇭 VAN CORTEZA 
5:00pm Semi-Finals #1
7:30pm Semi-Finals #2 
Day 7
Sunday Finals 1:00pm 

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TV Day 5 Oct 6

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TODAY Day 5 Single Elim 200pt games 
11:00am J.SCHMIDT 🇺🇸 vs 🇺🇸 D. HARRIMAN 
1:30pm   M. IMMONEN 🇫🇮 vs 🇺🇸 D. BAROUTY 
5:00pm   T. ROBLES 🇺🇸 vs (SCO)J. FULCHER 
7:30pm   L. VAN CORTEZA 🇵🇭 vs 🇺🇸 H. LOMBARDO

TV Day 4 Oct 5

Final 24 players qualified from Round Robin!
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11:00am Danny Harriman USA vs Michael Yednak USA
1:30pm   Darren Appleton ENG vs USA Danny Barouty/ Frank Scharbach GER
5:00pm   ? Vs ? 
730pm    ? Vs ? 
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TV Day 3 Oct 4

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TV Day 2 Oct 3

11am      Olli Turkalainen FIN vs USA Hunter Lombardo

1230pm. Van CORTEZA PHL vs USA Bob Coates 

4pm        Mika Immonen FIN vs USA Mark Kendall 

530pm    Max Eberle USA vs USA Sean Morgan 

7pm        Thorsten Hohmann GER vs PHL Lee Van CORTEZA 

830pm    Darren Appleton ENG  vs USA Tony Robles

TV Day 1 Oct 2

11:00 am  Lee Van Corteza PHL vs USA John Schott 

1230 pm    Danny Harriman USA vs SCO Del Sim

2:00 pm     John Schmidt USA vs USA Danny Barouty

4:00 pm     Darren Appleton ENG vs USA Ed Culhane

5:30 pm     Thorsten Hohmann GER vs JAM Rhys Chen

7:00 pm     Mika Immonen FIN vs USA Danny Harriman

830 pm      Darren Appleton ENG vs FIN  Ollie Turkulainen

2017 the World Tournament Schedule