WSA Enters Partnership with Stem Cell Powerhouse: Regenerative Sport

Patriots Corey Vereen, World Boxing Champion Pinklon Thomas, rising Track & Field star Dorothy Chow, NFL vet Clinton Hart were among the 25 pro athletes from NFL, Boxing, Tennis, Track & Field, Billiards who attended Regenerative Sport's WSA event Lake Nona, Florida- The World Sports Alumni and its professional athlete membership have entered into a cooperation with renowned stem cell treatment facility Regenerative Sport Orlando. The facility is headed by award winning M.D. Dr. Pallavi Cherukupally , a 4-time recipient of the Atlanta Top Doc Award. Stem cell and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) are the most exciting breakthroughs of modern regenerative medicine harnessing the human body's own growth and repair abilities. "Successful non-surgical procedures such as stem cell and PRP should always be the first option before surgery. Seeing such fantastic results from the athletes in NFL, tennis, golf that have been treated there proved to us that this was a vital association for us. Now we have a trusted facility, masterful medical doctor, and procedure that we can encourage all our membership to seek out as the first primary choice ", said Charlie Williams, CEO of the WSA. " The WSA will continue to make strategic partnerships like this nationwide and worldwide. Whether from an accident, sports injury, or overall health issues, we want to make world class facilities like this available to all our athletes and non-athlete members in every city." The partnership with Regenerative Sport and the WSA will encompass all of Central Florida, but they will accept all WSA athletes worldwide. WSA Pro Athlete Members will receive significant discounts on a variety of available treatments provided by Regenerative Sport. Treatments include stem cell and PRP, ED (erectile dysfuntion), vaginal rejuvenation, micro-needling, degenerative discs, pinched nerve, arthritis, hair regeneration, acne, facial rejuvenation, and their premiere treatment the CEO SHOT which encompasses a complete body makeover turning back years of degradation on the body.

NBA legend Nick Anderson with Dr.Cherukupally & Daniel Tribby, Founders of Regenerative Sport Orlando. "Regenerative Orlando is excited to be partnered with the World Sports Alumni as their Official Stem Cell and non-surgical Medical Spa facility for Central Florida. We know so many athletes have put their bodies to extremes, and are now suffering in their daily lives. Many of these injuries can be resolved through modern medical breakthroughs such as stem cell therapy. We can regenerate the injured parts of athletes and turn back the clock. What was science fiction before is now true science " - Dr. Pallavi Cherukupally MD, Co-Founder of Regenerative Sport and Regenerative Orlando.

Newly drawn stem cells from the bone marrow of a popular NFL pro before his injection into his knees to re-grow his cartilage

Men & Women can come in for a complete overhaul transformation of their bodies that include the restoration and regeneration of their joints, back, hair, sex health, face and more.

Regenerative Orlando is the parent company of Regenerative Sport, Spine, and Spa which services the Central Florida area. Everyday people to world class athletes are treated daily in a professional environment with the most advanced non-surgical treatments. We are dedicated to educating people about stem cell technology, and giving patients the most advanced stem cell injections, PRP, and other cutting edge procedures related to spine, joints, skin and more. Our procedures are more cost effective, painless, and more importantly produces long term healing that also saves enormous time equity for patients on recovery. Visit or call and schedule a consultation at (407) 730-5600.

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